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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

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Mold is nasty regardless of where it is, but it’s especially unwelcome inside of homes. Although it typically is not dangerous, it appears toxic and can be quite costly to remove, leaving many people wondering “Does homeowners insurance cover mold damage?” Unfortunately, mold is rarely covered by standard homeowners insurance policies. However, there may be … More

10 Winter Driving Tips

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Here in New Hampshire, our snowy, icy winter season can put drivers of all skill and experience levels in dangerous situations. If you find yourself at risk on the road this winter, use the following 10 winter driving tips from Progressive Insurance to remain safe: Be sure to leave at least three times as much … More

Burn Awareness Week: Understanding First Aid for Burns

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The National Safety Council and the American Burn Association have designated the first week of February as Burn Awareness Week, making now the perfect time to review the appropriate first aid treatment for burns. Ranging from mild to life-threatening, burns are classified by three degrees of intensity and the source of the burn. Each type … More

6 Snow Plow Safety Tips

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Snow plowing in New Hampshire is a tough job, rendering snow plow safety a top priority. Although we typically know when a winter storm is coming, the type of precipitation these storms will bring and how much snow will accumulate can be unpredictable. As a result of constantly changing precipitation, road conditions also become dynamic, … More

Vote for Davis & Towle in the 2014 NHBR BOB Awards!

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The ballot for the New Hampshire Business Review’s 2014 BOB Awards is open! We’ve been nominated in the Commercial Insurance Broker category and would appreciate your votes. Click the link below to cast your votes for all your favorite New Hampshire businesses. 2014 BOB Awards Ballot Photo Credit: NHBR

How to Build a Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

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Winter driving conditions in New Hampshire can be dynamic, unpredictable,and dangerous. Building a winter survival kit for your car ensures that you will be prepared if a trouble-free morning commute transforms into an afternoon blizzard. You do not want to be caught off guard in the event of a weather-related breakdown, collision, or other unfortunate … More

New Hampshire Classic Car Insurance is an Affordable Way to Protect Your Antique Automobile

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Many Americans are collectors and when it comes to collecting cars, it’s crucial to ensure that they are protected with New Hampshire classic car insurance. Collector car insurance, or classic auto insurance, is an affordable alternative to a standard auto policy designed solely for the special needs of the car collector. A classic car insurance … More

7 Ways to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

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Fall has arrived and here in New Hampshire, we know that winter weather will follow closely behind it. Given the freezing temperatures we are accustomed to experiencing in the winter, it’s crucial to take precautions to prevent your pipes from freezing and causing costly water damage. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home … More